Saturday, November 24, 2007

Learn to ride in the trees with a snowboard

Tree or Glade riding can be fun and beautiful but safe is what you need to make it here is 8 things to remember while riding the in the glades or tree as most know them.

1) Never go in alone always ride in a group of three or more three can ride together if you have four two by two is the bes way.

2) Alway use radios and make sure the groups all have one if not regroup until you do all have phones or radios that work in that area nextel works real good. Bring extra batteries with you you never Know if you will be in too long.

3)always look at the gap between the trees never look at them. you control the board with your head where you look is where you will go.

4) Alway wear Helmet and Eye wear while riding in the trees be aware of branches and twigs that stick out of trees.

5) Alway Know where you are going use maps and know where you will end up. Always know where the lifts are slight drifts in your line can mean finding no lift and lots of miles to hike late at night when it's cold

6) Stay within the bounds of the resort doing otherwise without a guide could mean the end of your life.

7) alway look before coming out of trees and back onto trails.

8) never stop in tree next to the base of the tree it is sometime hollow and will take you in making it almost imposible to get out if you are lucky not to go head first under the snow at the base of that tree.


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