Saturday, December 30, 2006

What's Stoping You From Riding Switch???

There are several Ways that you can become a better switch rider then you ever thought possible.

1 You need to first stop riding with the back foot at zero Degrees move to about three degrees duck out what we mean by ducked out simply that your two feet angle out from each other. This will allow for the movement you need in you back knee so that it is not strained and will drive the board in the proper direction that you want that board to go. The main reason you can't do this set at zero is because zero is for beginners so that they get forced to stop the board from spinning complete circles this is not fun you can also spin be setting the back foot To a degree that you are not ready for just yet.

2 Your back foot should either degrees to start no more then six if you feel you can handle that which is not that bad. The whole point is to gradualy work you way up to anywhere you feel your riding will advance. Some riders are set fifteen front fifteen back or even as much as eighteen on front and eighteen on the back so find what works for you. Be sure to start off slow and you will learn how to control that board like you where born with it attached to your feet.

3 You can either try the switch from dead stop by looking up the mountain on your toe edge. then get up let your head turn to your shoulder. when you head hits shoulder continue that motion with shoulders so that shoulder drops in the line you want. look up and where you would like to go and the board will follow. And never look down because this is where you will spend Your time.

4 If you get comfortable with number three you are ready to switch on the move. When you do this you will be riding normal then start to look over your front shoulder looking up hill just enough to bring that board around.When this happens shift head back down hill and lean onto front Knee you will find a comfortable spot just sit in that stance and control the board. now you are ready to try butters and from there we will talk 180- 360 pops and hops grinds and more.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Can't Wait To Get To Glaciers Reach Whistler Bc

We are going to whistler blackcomb bc once again why because nothing else comes close. This time we are going to stay in style at the glaciers reach.this place has been recomended by so many people that have stayed in these units and other places please see there new additon site that is packed with info needed to make a great vacation even better you will be taken care of like you are family. new website

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Geting off the lift made easy

Getting off the lift you have one leg strapt in and the back foot out. Ok what we are going to try is a slight shift in the placement of that back foot depending on how you have to turn. as a right foot foward rider sitting on the far right You will be makeing a heel turn. when you stand up to ride off ramp place back foot over back edge of the board to apply pressure to edge to turn you away from the other riders exiting the lift and please always look where you want to go and the board will follow even with the back foot out you will become very good at this over time. as right foot foward rider on the left you will shift to apply pressure to toe edge of the board and if you are in the middle put foot centered and ride stright look where you are going let others worry about where the have to go and this should make you loading and unloading more successful.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Whistler Snowboard school tips?

We are working with intrawest to bring you tips from the whistler snowboard school and possibly stratton.This year we will be going to whistler again it was hard to be away. we even went during the worst year the locals had ever seen before.That did not matter this time I know where every thing is and what under that snow.Whistler is off to a great and record braking year can't wait to get there. I love intrawest resorts we always get a great deal and stay in the best places if you are planing anything else this year cancel now or you might regret the choice you made. Meet you at the T bar on the blackcomb side

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Learn to ride like a pro

whether You do ride or never did before then this blog is for You.we will be bringingyou tips and advice from people who have been there before. you can do this we will b putting up clips that will help you to advance in this fast paced sport. Our group gets awayalot to unbeliveable places like whistler blackcomb bc,breckenridge co, The CanyonsUtah, lake tahoe and many more we are going to start a magzine aswell as apodcast and are looking for sponsors and keep coming back to this blog for lessons one thourgh expert.visit our other blog to tell you funny or painful stories.