Friday, January 30, 2009

Skateboards Are True Works Of Art

When I was young the art on Skateboard Decks got me pumped. I guess because I am by no means an Artist. Skateboarding is what brought me to snowboarding my numbers one passion after Skateboarding. When I was young I had a complete Skateboard. Over time I became obsessed with Skateboards buying decks just for the art. This lead to me owning way too many Skateboards and Snowboards. I now look for good Art and functionality in a board. Know when I go riding I not only look good I am good. its all what you put into it. Start off with a board the grow from there. If you love the sport. you will not only put in the time but will have nice rides and Diggs.

The Board I had in Jr high school would take me three miles in a flash it was magical I swear. A few pumps would take you blocks. I was in good shape for my age. I think all parents show show there kids the way to Skateboarding ,snowboarding and swimming/diving. Depending on where you live there are city or county run parks where your kids can learn to soar wile your pockets rip at the seams.

The point is there is fun around us you just have to look for it.