Monday, December 22, 2008

Danny Davis soars to new heights with Shawn White upset at winter Dew tour

At Breckenridge this past weekend the winter Dew Tour took place. There is no better park to throw it all down in then at Breckenridge. That's just what Danny Davis did he went for it and made it stick. Shawn White also had a terrific run that was clean and well landed. Here is The 2008 Breckenridge Winter Dew Tour Results.

Video below is of Shawn White in Qualifier at the Winter Dew tour Breckenrige 2008 from youtube user Kim Batrey

In the video below are highlights from Woman's'snowboarding slopestyle at the Winter Dew Tour at Breckenridge video from youtube user Lat34

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowboarding School Plans for this year 2008-2009

Hello everyone welcome back to another great season of riding. We have lot planed for this year into the next. First we are headed to where we left off Breckenridge WOW what a mountain had a ton of fun Next week December 11th-15th we are headed back again to kick things off We stayed at the Beaver Run Resort This year we hope we will working with Beaver run was great. We are stating off the year back at Breckenridge and hope to stay at the Beaver Run it was perfect near lifts and village. After we return from Colorado We will be riding local getting ready for a trip to Canada. We have been requested by heliskiholiday to review RMH heli. On this trip we will be stopping by a local mountain maybe Bannif or Panorama. We head home to get ready for the Burton US Open at Stratton mountain in March last year we had press passes to this event and hope to do the same this year.

The video below is a story from last Aprils trip to Breckenridge and beaver run resort.

The video below is from the 2008 Burton us open where Snowboarding School interviewed Shawn White