Friday, December 11, 2009

Can I Ride Whistler Blackcomb during the 2010 Olympics

You may be asking Is Whistler Blackcomb Mountain open for riding during the Olympics?

Info about riding Whistler Blackcomb during the 2010 Olympics with 90% terrain open

Most people think that Whistler Blackcomb Mountain will be closed down for the Olympics in 2010. People also think that If Whistler Blackcomb is open the crowed would be to big to ride the mountain. This will not be the case during the the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Colombia Canada

I was told by trusted connections at the company and also on the Whistler Blackcomb website that it will be the most enjoyable riding you may ever do.This is Because most think the way i listed above. Why not get out and enjoy some riding, take in some of the Winter Games and live life.

The fact that the Peak to Peak Gondola that connects Whistler mountain To Blackcomb mountain will keep more people at the Summit levels of both mountains by interchanging mountains without heading down to the Base of the mountain. This will make the mountain seam empty and make for great riding. I wonder how many people have thought of that over the years. Well now this is a reality. If you have ever been here you know just how special Whistler can be. This mountain calls you when you sleep. When you come on Holiday here you never want to leave this magic place.

You Can also Heliboard while here during your stay fro the 2010 winter Olympics at Whistler.

Olympic Snowboarding events dates and times.

Information about Whistler Blackcomb for the 2010 Olympics