Monday, December 22, 2008

Danny Davis soars to new heights with Shawn White upset at winter Dew tour

At Breckenridge this past weekend the winter Dew Tour took place. There is no better park to throw it all down in then at Breckenridge. That's just what Danny Davis did he went for it and made it stick. Shawn White also had a terrific run that was clean and well landed. Here is The 2008 Breckenridge Winter Dew Tour Results.

Video below is of Shawn White in Qualifier at the Winter Dew tour Breckenrige 2008 from youtube user Kim Batrey

In the video below are highlights from Woman's'snowboarding slopestyle at the Winter Dew Tour at Breckenridge video from youtube user Lat34

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowboarding School Plans for this year 2008-2009

Hello everyone welcome back to another great season of riding. We have lot planed for this year into the next. First we are headed to where we left off Breckenridge WOW what a mountain had a ton of fun Next week December 11th-15th we are headed back again to kick things off We stayed at the Beaver Run Resort This year we hope we will working with Beaver run was great. We are stating off the year back at Breckenridge and hope to stay at the Beaver Run it was perfect near lifts and village. After we return from Colorado We will be riding local getting ready for a trip to Canada. We have been requested by heliskiholiday to review RMH heli. On this trip we will be stopping by a local mountain maybe Bannif or Panorama. We head home to get ready for the Burton US Open at Stratton mountain in March last year we had press passes to this event and hope to do the same this year.

The video below is a story from last Aprils trip to Breckenridge and beaver run resort.

The video below is from the 2008 Burton us open where Snowboarding School interviewed Shawn White

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Waxing a snowboard how when where why?

OK When it comes to waxing your board when would be a good time well it all depends on if you did it at seasons end last April. If this is the case you are ready to glide on a smooth worry free surface. Waxing the board at the end of the season will keep the board nice during the hot summer months in the closet,Garage or attic. One thing to know is your snow. There are cold waxes and warm waxes so know where you are headed and buy the right wax for the trip you are going on snow temp is important to know.

1)When should you wax the board if you do it your self you can ride two to three times max riding is the longest you should go without waxing the board if you want to keep it nice and protected and get the best ride out of it.

2)Where anywhere you can i bring table mounts and find a place in a garage or out door area where it's not to cold. If it is really cold out the you need to wax it inside then place it outside to quick dry and then scrape the wax off and buff it.

3) Why we wax's because it's what keeps you sliding at max performance and protects the board.

How to wax what you will need

1)Wax for the type of snow you will be riding ask your local shop to help you find the right wax for the right temp.

2) A table

3) An iron made for snowboards

4) scraper

5) buffer

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picking heli opperators for back country riding or sking

If you are looking for a great time and dont know where to start read this news letter from Heli holiday also know on the internet as heli ski hloiday the links are below in this news letter that i added to this post for your use.

HOW to determine YOUR HELI-LICOUS HOLIDAY?With the number of operations having increased significantly over the last 8 years, determining the operator has also become increasingly difficult. What had once been a seller’s market, with very few companies providing heli-skiing services, has now become visual dual over who has the best photos and advertising/marketing strategy. “Each operator sells virtually, leaving the client with a smorgasbord of information that, at the very least, be overwhelming”, says Nina Kaufman, Heliski Holiday. With the numerous questions that arise while reviewing potential operators, how does the client process the information? How do they know what questions to ask if the understanding of an exclusive industry is not clear?Heliski Holiday is one answer; understanding the industry, one-on-one relations with the operators and most importantly by being a personal “heliskiers concierge”, a genuine added value service; where group & individual needs are met and in the process a heliski experience of a life-time is defined. Today’s client has a full schedule. Lukas, client of Heliski Holiday had this to say, “Your services were very helpful to me, as it would have cost me a considerable amount of time to piece things together by myself”. Heliski Holiday has the unique position of offering first class service in full cooperation with the operators of British Columbia. “We work along side them to promote this exclusive industry with confidence, knowing that all information offered has the approval stamp of heli-operators of British Columbia”, says Kaufman. One thing is very certain, operators are highly motivated to see each guest with a smile permanently etched in their face and that could not be done without the highest level of safety, professionalism and customer service being applied.Visit the Heliski Holiday website: www.heliskiholiday.comToll Free North America: 1.877.428.4354 (HELI) International: 1.250.542.3852For Personal Heli-Concierge Genuine Service CONTACT:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hayes Brothers Snowboards Stephen Hayes on the show tonight

Hi everyone tonight on Snowboarding School Radio we will be interviewing Stephen Hayes founder of Hayes Brothers Snowboards. this will be a great show don't miss it and if you would like to call in live the number is 1646-595-4055 6 PM eastern standard time NY.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mike Farnum, Teddy Karlinski video

We got to ride with Mike Farnum and teddy Karlinski in the park at Breckenridge here is the video they shot and let us use and here it is the ideo from Spring Massive.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Snowboarding School will be riding with Mike Farnum ,Teddy karlinski, and Chad Oliver Pro riders

Snowboarding School will be riding with Pro rider Mike Farnum, Teddy Karlinski, and Chad Oliver. We will be doing live radio show at 5:30 Colorado time and 7:30 eastern Standard time, and we will get some tips from the pros and find out what it takes to get to the 2008 Burton Us Open.

I first met Mike Farnum and Teddy Karlinski at Burton Us Open and we will meet up before the show tomorrow night. This will be a great show! Don't miss it If you like the show let us know joining the RSS feed of the show or at our other Snowboarding blog:

Thank you for your support. We have big plans that involve you all and possible free lift ticket going into next year stay tuned.

Listen to live replay from Breckenridge with riders Mike Farnum, Teddy Karlinski, And Chad Oliver.

This site is sponsored By,,,, and

Video from Darluck

Video by tamblcat Chad Oliver

Friday, April 4, 2008

Freeway Terrain Park Breckenridge

This Terrain Park is the biggest and best Terrain park I have ever seen. It's well kept and on point. Breckenridge was one of the first mountains to have a permanent half pipe that was left in all season and not just for competion. So if you like Terrain parks get out to breckenridge this month for Spring Massive or just to hit a killer Park in nice weather. To plan A trip go to Breckenridge.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Get Schooled By A Six Year Old On A Snowboard

Here is a video that make you love the sport that much more i found it on no fear is the name of the game and this little girl has none. The music in this video is great enjoy.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Burton 2008 US Men's Halfpipe Final Results

Shaun White rocks the Burton Us Open Once again in the halfpipe and slope style events. He is UN stoppable.

Mason Aguirre pull of a miracle with a movement from 9th Place in the semi finals to second place in the finals.

Third place Kevin Pearce from second to third place

1 White Shaun 91.00 83.17 30.17
2 Aguirre Mason 84.00 15.00 24.50
3 Pearce Kevin 82.17 27.67 27.83
4 Piiroinen Peetu 60.67 38.17 78.67
5 Malin Markus 69.83 76.17 70.00
6 Baker Ross 73.33 46.33 53.17
7 Lago Scotty 40.50 68.67 36.67
8 Kazuhiro Kokubo 26.83 66.17 34.50
9 Waring Broc 61.67 26.67 65.83
10 Hansen Kim Rune 27.67 65.33 53.00
11 Korpi Janne 22.83 58.50 60.50
12 Morisset Guillaume 23.00 57.50 52.17
13 Fisher Steve 50.50 33.17 56.67
14 Bretz Gregory 42.67 56.67 47.00
15 Batchelor Jeff 39.00 36.83 29.83
16 Hamilton James

2008 Burton Us Open Mens Halfpipe Semi Final Results

In the mens semi finals it was Shaun White in first place. In second place is Kevin pearce for Burton and kim Rune Hansen

Rank Competitor Nation
1 Shaun White USA
2 Kevin Pearce USA
3 Kim Rune Hansen NOR
4 Peetu Piiroinen FIN
5 Janne Korpi FIN
6 Kokubo Kazuhiro JPN
7 Guillaume Morisset CAN
8 Jeff Batchelor CAN
9 Mason Aguirre USA
10 Scotty Lago USA
11 James Hamilton NZE
12 Steve Fisher

Burton 2008 Womans HalfPipe Final Results

Kelly Clark moves from third place in semi finals to second place in half pipe finals. Clark ride for Burton.

Torah Bright from Austraia moves from 4th Place to first place she ride for Roxy.

Gretchen Bleiler has an upset and move from first place to third.

There you have it these are your top three and below are 4th place through 8th place

Rank Competitor Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
1 Bright Torah 84.17 29.17 78.00
2 Clark Kelly 46.67 79.33 34.17
3 Bleiler Gretchen 74.50 35.67 62.33
4 Yamaoka Soko 60.17 71.33 66.67
5 Pesko Manuela Laura 48.83 69.83 26.33
6 Hollingsworth Ellery 65.67 45.83 51.17
7 Bidez Clair 36.67 52.50 55.67
8 Nicoll Mercedes

2008 Burton Womans Halfpipe Semi Finals Results

Ok people it seams that the woman keep on going bigger with each new event. The Burtrn US Open is no exception. This is why the pay out is the same for men and woman at this event one of the only events that is on an equal payout as it should be
these woman are pushing the limits with each new run. here are some winners.

1st Place Gretchen Bleiler USA Sponsored by Oakly.

2nd placwe goes to Soko Yamaoko Japan sponsored by November

3rd place goes to Kelly Clark USA sponsored by Burton

Friday, March 21, 2008

2008 Burton US Open Slope Style Winner

I will give you one guess here's a hint he Stands on two legs dominates two sports and is still called The Animal and loves it. I guess there is just no other way to put it Shaun White is on top of his game in two sports. There is no stopping this young man who we seen grow before our eyes. I got to ask Shaun a few questions on Camera. I will be posting the video soon.

For web cast go to Open Snowboarding

The other winners are as follows.

1 White Shaun 88.33 75.33 --
2 Humphreys Tim 80.17 25.00 26.33
3 Reid Charles 74.67 68.17 29.83
4 Uotila Ville 55.17 34.33 73.50
5 Piiroinen Peetu 41.00 71.83 56.33
6 Sheehan Nate 71.67 38.17 67.17
7 Saarenpää Sami 33.50 71.17 51.00
8 Hulbert Sam 62.17 22.00 69.83
9 Guldemond Chas 64.83 49.67 60.33
10 Mattila Risto 33.50 11.50 64.00
11 Thorley Ian 26.33 57.67 18.33
12 Koski Markku 44.33 20.67 53.83
13 Lago Scotty 48.50 30.17 35.00
14 Kulisek Matts 39.83 22.00 37.50
15 Soerman Chris 33.50 17.00 20.17
16 Maurer Stephan

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We would like to thank Burton,Stratton,Belimage

Snowboarding School would like to Thank Burton for letting us be part of the Burton 2008 US Open. We also want to thank Stratton for having us up last week end and For giving us the direction to get the press credentials from burton. Stratton allowed us and a member of the PR team William Wrisley access to the Terrian park on the Sunbowl that was being built by machines and outside companies who put their men in Strattons machines we got to interview them on camera i will post it soon

Also i would like to truly Thank BelImage Graphics for hooking it two years in a row they donated 5000 cards with the blog adresses on them. Thank You Belimage for all your help.

Also we would like to thank Southwest Airlines for working with us this past year.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Burton Us Open Event Schedule

Here is the Burton Us Open Schedule for March 2008. We have media credentials i will be arriving thursday . Do expect post from home on this blog and Snowboarding Stories and our radio show live go to opensnowboarding

For more info

Monday, March 17

Men's and Women's Halfpipe Practice (10am - 3pm)

Tuesday, March 18
Men's Halfpipe Pre-Qualifiers (9am - 1pm)

Men's Halfpipe Qualifiers (1pm - 3pm)

Men's and Women's Slopestyle Practice (1pm - 3pm)

Wednesday, March 19

Men's Slopestyle Pre-Qualifiers (9am - 4pm)

Men's and Women's Halfpipe Practice (10am - 2pm)

Thursday, March 20

Women's Halfpipe Qualifiers (8am - 10:30am)

Men's and Women's Slopestyle Qualifiers (9am - 3pm)

Men's and Women's Halfpipe Practice (11am - 3:30pm)

Men's and Women's Big Air Practice (1pm - 3pm)

Friday, March 21

Men's and Women's Slopestyle Semi-Finals (8am - 2pm)

Men's and Women's Slopestyle Finals (2pm - 4pm)

Slopestyle Awards Presentation (4pm)

Live Music on Main Stage (8pm - 9pm)

Men's, Women's and Junior's Halfpipe Practice (9:30 - 2pm)

Saturday, March 22

Men's and Women's Halfpipe Semi-Finals (8am - 1pm)

Men's and Women's Halfpipe Finals (1pm - 3:30pm)

Halfpipe, BGOS, and TTR Awards Presentation (4pm)

Men's and Women's Big Air Practice and Finals (5pm - 8pm)

Big Air and Volvo Most Valuable Rider Awards Presentation (8pm)

Live Music on Main Stage (8:30pm - 9:30pm)

Sunday, March 23

Junior Jam Girl's Practice and Finals (8:30pm - 10:30pm)

Junior Jam Boy's Practice and Finals (10:30am - 3pm)

Junior Jam Awards Presentation (3:30pm)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Burton Us Open Gives Snowboarding School Media Credentails

Hi everyone how is your season going this year i hope all is well. Snowboarding School blog and radio show has media credentials for the Burton 2008 US Open at stratton mountain March 17th -23rd however we will be there from the 20th - 23rd.If you can get out to this event do so it will be action packed and worth the time and to ride up if even only for two days. Get out and play hard!!

We will be doing live radio show from Tremblant this sunday and the burton us open Thursday - Sunday
Check us out at Snowboarding School or Snowboarding Stories

Email us at we are all ways looking for writers for our site.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LIVE 2008 Nippon Open Webcast

LIVE 2008 Nippon Open Webcast

Don't miss the LIVE event webcasts of The Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open 2008 Snowboarding Championship on Webcasts will feature the men's and women's SuperPipe and ParkStyle semifinals and finals taking place on February 28 - March 2, 2008 at Alts Bandai resort in Fukishima, Japan. will be producing the entire webcast in Adobe Flash, with live scoring, live standings, rider bios, and a live chat, where viewers can submit comments to the web announcers, as well as communicate with other webcast viewers from around the world. Live morning shows will kick off the finals for both SuperPipe and ParkStyle competitions by recapping the semifinals action and interviewing riders including Shaun White, Jamie Anderson, Antti Autti, Mikkel Bang, Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark, Ryo Aono, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Takaharu Nakai, Shota Suzuki, Torah Bright and Daisuke Murakami.

For more info go to Open Snowboarding or

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Videos From The US Open VT March 2007

Here are a few videos from the 2007 US Open held at Startton Mountain last march.This year 2008 Snowboarding School And Snowboarding Stories put in for press credentials and hope to be at the US Open this March 17th-23rd we have been talking with sponsors so that we can bring you these events all the time. We are growing more and more and will do our best to hold the best contest for boards,trips,lift passes,tee shirts and others sponsored goods to you the readers of this site and our other branded blogs.

PS We are looking for more writers to add to our sites if you would like to be a writer drop us a line at


from Gerry Pallor

Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 XGames Winners

This years XGames So far were off the hook. It seams that the talent pool keeps getting bigger year to year. This marks 12 Years of XGames which has propeled the extreme sports such as Snowboarding, Sking,Snowmobiling and Motor Cross to new hieghts. Watching the XGames helps new riders to gain their own dreams of an XGame gold medal. Here is a list of XGame Winners and a videos from the games.

This video from

This video from

This video from