Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Waxing a snowboard how when where why?

OK When it comes to waxing your board when would be a good time well it all depends on if you did it at seasons end last April. If this is the case you are ready to glide on a smooth worry free surface. Waxing the board at the end of the season will keep the board nice during the hot summer months in the closet,Garage or attic. One thing to know is your snow. There are cold waxes and warm waxes so know where you are headed and buy the right wax for the trip you are going on snow temp is important to know.

1)When should you wax the board if you do it your self you can ride two to three times max riding is the longest you should go without waxing the board if you want to keep it nice and protected and get the best ride out of it.

2)Where anywhere you can i bring table mounts and find a place in a garage or out door area where it's not to cold. If it is really cold out the you need to wax it inside then place it outside to quick dry and then scrape the wax off and buff it.

3) Why we wax's because it's what keeps you sliding at max performance and protects the board.

How to wax what you will need

1)Wax for the type of snow you will be riding ask your local shop to help you find the right wax for the right temp.

2) A table

3) An iron made for snowboards

4) scraper

5) buffer