Monday, November 19, 2007

heli season is here book early or concider 2009

Here is a trip of a life time there are so many throughout BC to book these exclusive trips visit heliskiholiday

MONDAY JANUARY 21 > FRIDAY JANUARY 25 $5750 per person CAD


snowwater Website
snow water blog

Arrival City – Kelowna BC (rent a vehicle – 3.5 hours) Spokane WA (shuttle or rent a vehicle 2.5 hours)

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Pre & post accommodation dependent on flights AND travel & medical insurance (APPROX 5.5% OF TOTAL COST + $3.40 PER DAY)

OPTIONAL: Pre ski Red Mountain or Whitewater Resort can be arranged at a estimated cost of $275 per night per person


IF HELISKIING IS ON YOUR TODO LIST FOR 2008 – QUICK ACTION IS REQUIRED (every operator in the province is extremely busy)


Kael said...

Tried heli skiing for the first time last year up at Whistler. Looking to try it up at Big White this year since prices seem to be jumping in Whistler...likely due to the 2010 Whistler Olympics.

do you have any information on specials for heli skiing this year in either Whistler or Big White? I've booked Whistler accommodation for this coming winter, and would like to start planning my trip now.

Anyone else on here try heli skiing?

Anonymous said...

Been Heli Skiing around Whistler, Revelstoke and on the Alberta side.

Whistler is going to be BRAIN DAMAGE for prices this winter because of the Olympics but there are still some deals to be had...

Check out Whistler Accommodation at that site...seem to be some decent deals. They also have Big White accommodations.