Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picking heli opperators for back country riding or sking

If you are looking for a great time and dont know where to start read this news letter from Heli holiday also know on the internet as heli ski hloiday the links are below in this news letter that i added to this post for your use.

HOW to determine YOUR HELI-LICOUS HOLIDAY?With the number of operations having increased significantly over the last 8 years, determining the operator has also become increasingly difficult. What had once been a seller’s market, with very few companies providing heli-skiing services, has now become visual dual over who has the best photos and advertising/marketing strategy. “Each operator sells virtually, leaving the client with a smorgasbord of information that, at the very least, be overwhelming”, says Nina Kaufman, Heliski Holiday. With the numerous questions that arise while reviewing potential operators, how does the client process the information? How do they know what questions to ask if the understanding of an exclusive industry is not clear?Heliski Holiday is one answer; understanding the industry, one-on-one relations with the operators and most importantly by being a personal “heliskiers concierge”, a genuine added value service; where group & individual needs are met and in the process a heliski experience of a life-time is defined. Today’s client has a full schedule. Lukas, client of Heliski Holiday had this to say, “Your services were very helpful to me, as it would have cost me a considerable amount of time to piece things together by myself”. Heliski Holiday has the unique position of offering first class service in full cooperation with the operators of British Columbia. “We work along side them to promote this exclusive industry with confidence, knowing that all information offered has the approval stamp of heli-operators of British Columbia”, says Kaufman. One thing is very certain, operators are highly motivated to see each guest with a smile permanently etched in their face and that could not be done without the highest level of safety, professionalism and customer service being applied.Visit the Heliski Holiday website: www.heliskiholiday.comToll Free North America: 1.877.428.4354 (HELI) International: 1.250.542.3852For Personal Heli-Concierge Genuine Service CONTACT: