Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now is a good time to buy gear

August is the right time to go and buy new gear cheap. Most stores have a end of summer sale to get rid of last years stuff to make room for this years. So get out early to get the best selections.

Or use this link to find great web deals on back to snowboard school gear

End of season sale! Save 10%-30% on all 2007 BURTON gear!

Monday, August 13, 2007

podcast for snowboarding school coming soon

I will be starting snowboarding school podcast so stay tuned talk to You soon. This will happen asap I have 14 blogs to do this so maybe twice a month three tops for each blog.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Whistler Blackcomb video comming soon

video is being done by a graphic artist named Frankie Farella Who was on the trip and is an instrumental part Snowboarding School and is also a sick rider who keeps getting better like wine over time this kids nicknames include cranky Frankie by morning and fancy foot Farella by noon and by night The Pain Reliever.

I would like to thank Frankie for the work he has done and let the world know that I'm proud of him.

riding with one foot helps you navigate the mountain better

Riding with one foot strapped in can help you ride better. When you first learned about snowboarding you had to learn to skate and ride with one foot strapped that being You front foot. This is like that only you will add a technique to the back foot that will help you steer better,get off lifts with ease and total control.

Start off skating with lead foot in and back foot out. Push off and get some speed then when you bring back foot off ground decide what turn to make toe or heel side turn. Place the back foot slightly over the edge you want to turn. This helps to get the edge up. After you master this take it to the lift.

If you are on the left or right side of lift depending on you stance you place back foot over the edge to move away from other riders exiting the lift in the middle you go straight leaving back foot center until your clear riders then shit foot over any edge to stop with control.