Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Early opening for Mammoth Mountain this year

Nov 8th is the day that Mammoth mountain
plans to open for the 2007-2008 season so if you live local this is great news for You and even if you don't that date is the date you should be booked by for best dates and lodging options Book early.

We are pretty sure this is where we are going to take the Snowboarding School trip to this year. So get out to Mammoth this year and play hard. we will post the dates when we get them so you can come at the same time. We will put you on film and interview you about the sport and add it to the internet and our blogs. We will be going during an event this is even more reason to come.

PS Mammoth has plenty of Job for the winter on there site


Pam Hoffman said...

If you've ever lived in 'snow country' for 32 years, it's hard to get excited about actually DRIVING TO a snow site.

I remember all of the slush and black ice I guess. And - it seemed never-ending every year.

Of course, now that I live in Southern California... I'd go back to Ohio I guess. :)

I have so many friends and most of my family are there and I always know I can go home!


Pam Hoffman

photo blocker guy said...

Yes this area gets lots of snow that why snowboarders and skier love it so much. I cant wait to go this up coming year.

Get out and play hard!

Thank you for your comment Pam