Saturday, January 13, 2007

Let talk Jumps for a while

Now that you know how to ride your felling good You want to learn to jump. It's a feeling you cant get enough you keep going for more. So how do you jump if you never did before.1)in a flat area on the snow out of the way by the base of the mountain with one foot in this being your front. Place loose foot on the board pressed against back binding lean back as if you wanted to wheelie push tail of board and like a pogo. just enough to level you out in the air so the board don't come out from under you when you take air.
2)Take it to a jump start riding towards ramp start off on something a low ridding position crouch over toe edge Take a few turns to control speed but make sure you let it go in time to clear the knuckle its always better to land on the down slope your knees will thank you. when you get to top of ramp just lean back pop the board to level out spot landing and land with the whole board not the tip not the tail. kind of like an airplane.let me know how it goes for you.

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