Friday, January 26, 2007

Lesson Five If You Come To Bc Must See Heliholiday

Understanding The Exclusive World of Heliskiing

British Columbia Heliski operators are scattered throughout this mountainous province from north to south and east to west. The combination of snowfall, cool temperatures and regular breaks in weather systems make for an ideal powder playground.

The differences between the operations are in the accommodation, the types of helicopters, the sizes of the groups, the numbers of groups per helicopter, and the locations of the lodges (some are remote; some are in towns). Some operations specialize in daily heliskiing from a ski resort while others offer only multi-day trips from a destination or remote lodge. Each operator offers the same base experience: they all have access to vast expanses of terrain.

Operators are members of the Heli Cat Canada Association and their mandate is to ensure that no matter which operation is chosen, the safety measures taken are all the same. “No one operation is safer than any other.”

World-class standards for world-class snow – prepared by Heli Cat Canada

Canada’s ski Guides

“Leading a group of skiers through the wilderness of BC's backcountry is a tremendously challenging and rewarding career. This province is blessed with vast skiable terrain and the world's best powder snow. It's hardly surprising, then, that the idea to use machinery to access this skier's paradise was invented in BC—first with helicopters in 1960's, and then with snowcats in 1970's. As mechanized skiing grew, specialized guiding techniques were developed and refined. Now Canada is home to the most highly respected ski-guide program in the world.

Ski Guides are trained and assessed according to standards set and maintained by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). The ACMG works closely with HeliCat Canada to ensure Canada's mechanized skiing industry maintains the highest standards for safety and quality. As a member of the ACMG, your guide undergoes a strenuous and exacting certification process, in which client care and judgment are the primary focus. Preparation for such a distinction requires years of experience and training.”

Understanding the benefits of Heliski Holiday

Heliski Holiday has been created out of a passion for the highest form of skiing / snowboarding and many years of working within the industry providing global clients added value personalized service.

We simply assist ski enthusiasts make their own decisions from a selection of daily heliskiing experiences at a resort location through to a semi-private and luxury multi-day heli-ski experience at a remote destination lodge in the mecca of heliskiing, British Columbia,

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