Monday, September 14, 2009

Snowboarding School Shreducation Review part 2

In this episode the Boys are in New Zealand training for the upcoming
New Zealand open It is the place to be in the summer. This is proof that it's always snowing somewhere in the world like Jessie said. The view is amazing from what I seen on the TV wow massive really massive in size.

If your not falling your not getting any better well said Jessie. The kid thought he had Jessie by saying he has not fallen in months. We learn from our mistakes once we stop progression stops. Jessie says with pain comes reward.

Jake throws down a front seven and cracks his helmet. To tell you the truth the road trip out was more scary. Then Jessie talk about his glory days while the kids Laughed and teased him.

The kids kept up with the program but like with any training kids get tired fast and need rest. That's hard with so little time to learn and so many great riders emerging in Snowboarding today.

The New Zealand open is drawing near the boys are amped and decide to brake curfew and catch heat from their coach Jessie.

Jake was struggling with the landings but all in all for young kids they are on the right track to early retirement.

Most of the kids get stuff from sponsors and companies trying to get the word out about the goods.

The video below is Mini from Shreducation doing a back flip off a hip jump.

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CustomXRider said...

I didn't realize New Zealand had shredable mountains. Cool...another place for me to tear it up. Thanks.