Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Riding the lift with ease while snowboarding

One technique i learned over the years has been to control my board while getting off the lift. lets take a four man lift for the purpose of this lesson. OK if you are right foot forward first sit on the right side of the lift when you stand up to exit the lift you will need to clear the other riders so.

First stand up then place back of the back foot the one that is not strapped in over the heal edge of the board. This will help to turn you away from the rest of the riders and put your board in a position to stop with ease.

Second try it from the left side stand up and put the toes of your boot over the toe edge of your board this will take you left of all riders in a great position to stop with ease.

now sit in the middle get up place foot center on the board look forward to where you want the board to go. when you need to stop place back foot over the back end of the board to slow you to a stop from the drag applied by your boot.