Monday, June 4, 2007

Snowboarding School Plan's For 2008 /2009Season

Right now As I write the emails are getting to their locations. We have already been invited to snowbird to showcase their mountain and Snowboarding School. And while we are there I sent an email to The Canyons To hit them up in the same trip the canyons are beautiful and fun. Snowbird Has new magic carpet through tunnel to the top.

And then it's Jackson hole if they say Ok to our email to showcase their new 100 passenger Tram . then back to our original sponsors Whistler mountain to see opening of the peak to peak gondola

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Jennifer's Travel's said...

I just want to add to this. I was there i went on this trip and i could not believe the stuff that we received. Between the lodging to the snowboard event and even the lift tickets. We all had a great time. John really knows how to lead a crowd.......