Thursday, March 15, 2007

Getting back up after a spill

There are two things that get hurt during a fall your body then your pride and in comes the fear. So think about it knowing this there are only three things to do to get back on track for 2008.

1)Heal your body head to toe visualize next year in your head feel the first day of riding in your head.

2)who needs pride when you know pride is for things that don't progress in this sport your only proud for short periods before you find something bigger that come along.

3) Final FEAR OK let me show you fear if you fall and let it go to your head then next year will suck.

also I don't know how old you are but you only have so many years to ride if you know what I mean. Don't let fear live in your head unless it's good fear.

life goes quick vacations go quicker enjoy life look before you leap.

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