Thursday, December 28, 2006

Geting off the lift made easy

Getting off the lift you have one leg strapt in and the back foot out. Ok what we are going to try is a slight shift in the placement of that back foot depending on how you have to turn. as a right foot foward rider sitting on the far right You will be makeing a heel turn. when you stand up to ride off ramp place back foot over back edge of the board to apply pressure to edge to turn you away from the other riders exiting the lift and please always look where you want to go and the board will follow even with the back foot out you will become very good at this over time. as right foot foward rider on the left you will shift to apply pressure to toe edge of the board and if you are in the middle put foot centered and ride stright look where you are going let others worry about where the have to go and this should make you loading and unloading more successful.

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