Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Snowboarding School Is Visiting Eagle Pass Heliskiing's New Lodge In Revelstoke BC

Excitement is in the air as the fresh snow is falling changing the landscape of the mountains in which Snowboarding School will soon be riding. Heliski Holiday BC's first heli skiing consultant, has connected us with a riding adventure at Eagle Pass Heliskiing in Revelstoke British Columbia Canada.

We will be leaving on Jan 23rd and will be bringing you all the action from Revelstoke BC. We will be staying at The New Eagle Pass Lodge that is just opening Jan 2017 we will be some of the first guest to enjoy the new lodge and all it has to offer like.

 The New Eagle Pass Lodge Opening Jan 2017

Stay Tuned to our Snowboarding School radio show for an interview with Scott Newsome listen for great stories and information on how to plan an outdoor Helisking or Heliboarding adventure Trip to Revelstoke BC for your small group...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Can I Ride Whistler Blackcomb during the 2010 Olympics

You may be asking Is Whistler Blackcomb Mountain open for riding during the Olympics?

Info about riding Whistler Blackcomb during the 2010 Olympics with 90% terrain open

Most people think that Whistler Blackcomb Mountain will be closed down for the Olympics in 2010. People also think that If Whistler Blackcomb is open the crowed would be to big to ride the mountain. This will not be the case during the the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Colombia Canada

I was told by trusted connections at the company and also on the Whistler Blackcomb website that it will be the most enjoyable riding you may ever do.This is Because most think the way i listed above. Why not get out and enjoy some riding, take in some of the Winter Games and live life.

The fact that the Peak to Peak Gondola that connects Whistler mountain To Blackcomb mountain will keep more people at the Summit levels of both mountains by interchanging mountains without heading down to the Base of the mountain. This will make the mountain seam empty and make for great riding. I wonder how many people have thought of that over the years. Well now this is a reality. If you have ever been here you know just how special Whistler can be. This mountain calls you when you sleep. When you come on Holiday here you never want to leave this magic place.

You Can also Heliboard while here during your stay fro the 2010 winter Olympics at Whistler.

Olympic Snowboarding events dates and times.

Information about Whistler Blackcomb for the 2010 Olympics

Friday, September 25, 2009

Alpine Medows Resort in Tahoe City Ca

Never been to Alpine Meadow's Resort in Tahoe City Ca. We are doing a promotion for them by bring some information to the table about Alpine Meadow Resorts Snowboarding School and Alpine Meadow's Terrain Park and things to do we also found this really cool video about what it takes to get it all done for people to ride each and every day.

To connect with Alpine Meadow's blog and other cool places
To look for Lodging visit their website

The Shreadows Terrain Park at Lake Tahoe is designed for advanced jibbers and jumpers looking for more air, more challenges, and the sweetest jump, rail, and box line in the basin! The Shreadows Park is located just off the base lodge with it's own lift.

Shred Park News

Alpine Meadow's Event Calender

Below is a video about the daily going on behind Alipe Meadow's Resort in Ca

Monday, September 14, 2009

Snowboarding School Shreducation Review part 2

In this episode the Boys are in New Zealand training for the upcoming
New Zealand open It is the place to be in the summer. This is proof that it's always snowing somewhere in the world like Jessie said. The view is amazing from what I seen on the TV wow massive really massive in size.

If your not falling your not getting any better well said Jessie. The kid thought he had Jessie by saying he has not fallen in months. We learn from our mistakes once we stop progression stops. Jessie says with pain comes reward.

Jake throws down a front seven and cracks his helmet. To tell you the truth the road trip out was more scary. Then Jessie talk about his glory days while the kids Laughed and teased him.

The kids kept up with the program but like with any training kids get tired fast and need rest. That's hard with so little time to learn and so many great riders emerging in Snowboarding today.

The New Zealand open is drawing near the boys are amped and decide to brake curfew and catch heat from their coach Jessie.

Jake was struggling with the landings but all in all for young kids they are on the right track to early retirement.

Most of the kids get stuff from sponsors and companies trying to get the word out about the goods.

The video below is Mini from Shreducation doing a back flip off a hip jump.

Snowboarding School Shreducation Season Reviews

The new Season starts tonight Monday September 14th 2009 on the Disney XD Channel. Snowboarding School will be following Shreducation all season bringing you all the players and highlights from the show. Starting tonight with the second half of this post. Below is the trailer video for season 2 of Diseny's Shreducation.

SHREDUCATION Season 2 Trailer from Francis Mitchell on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Park City Resort not just the best snow on earth

Park City Resort not only has some of the best snow on earth,it also offers some huge hits when it comes to their parks and pipe. It is very unique in the way the levels of the mountain come together. They have great kids Snowboard Lessons and is located just miles from the airport. You can land and ride the same day if the itch is that bad.

That's not all the Park City Family Vacation Activities they have to offer. Park City is a happening town and also has great summer activities.

Find out more about the Utah Snowboard Pass what ever you do just get out and enjoy life and all the Utah has to offer.

I really enjoyed my stay at Park City Mountain Resort and recommend you go for the powder alone. Below is a Video to help get around Park City Mountain Resort by PR YouTube user pcski

This next video is a movie teaser for I Ride Park City Enjoy it give a nice view of the parks.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter Jam 2009: Snowboarding in the East River Park NYC

In these hard times it's is hard to get the out doors so the city let Red Bull bring it to us this year. We took a short trip over the Williams Berg Bridge into the heart of Manhattans down town east river park. We even got to shout a question to Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The Video below is of Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NYC at Winter Jam 2009 in the East river

Then We Spoke with Jim owner of Tuxedo Ridge Mountain in Upstate NY 75 Mile from the city. He is a nice guy who just put money into his mountain. Go check it out they have night skiing and riding.

Also we spoke to Danny and Geo of about the program and what it has done for them. We shot video of both here they are.

The video below is Snowboarding school talking with Jim the owner of Tuxedo Ridge Mountain.
The video above is Snowboarding school talking with Danny and Geo of